Will.i.am has admitted that he breached copyright on the track Let’s Go, then super defensively went on a long explanation as to why he did so.

Glamour reports that the producer was on Kiss FM and responded to the reports that his track, which features Chris Brown, used parts of Arty & Zo’s track Rebound. "So this song by Chris Brown 'Let's Go'. Arty is a dope producer so I wrote this song to rebound this last year,” Will.I.Am said, with the air of a high school kid who knew he’d done something wrong but couldn’t bring himself to admit it properly. "I got in touch with Arty and showed it to him, did a different version to it 'cause I asked him [to] make it newer 'cause I don't just wanna take your song and rap over it. But we did that, we collaborated.”

Continuing, he added "But in a year's time, time's gone by [and] we preferred writing over and using the [original] rebound. Something happened and the clearance… hopefully we resolved the issue. I'm a fan of Arty; I think he's great and the world needs to know about how talented those guys are. It's sad that it's turned into a fiasco but hopefully it's resolved because I'm a fan of those guys to the point where I wrote to their instrumental." Sure, that’s it Will, keep on brown-nosing.

Will I Am

Will.I.Am is a thief!

He added: "Do you like James Brown? Love James Brown. He changed hip-hop. People sample. You heard the song American Boy by Estelle? That original, I did the original instrumental on my song on my album Songs By Girls." Well it’s good to know you’ve got at least one original song then.