It’s easy to get the impression that the critics wanted to like ‘Plastic’, the British crime thriller packed to the brim with handsome 20-somethings, but despite a really promising cast, the film has been taken to pieces, culminating in a 17% rating on review aggregator, Rotten Tomatoes. 

PlasticPlastic just doesn't cut it

“An appealling young cast can't save this idiotic heist movie,” writes Rob Carnevale for The List. “Even the unintentional laughs eventually give way to groans of disdain. Don't be conned into seeing it,” he adds in a damning review. 

Stefan Pape’s write-up for Hey U Guys proves that an aggregate review score doesn’t really mean anything; he also awarded the film 2 stars, but wasn’t quite so vitriolic. “Gilbey’s effort struggles to capture the suspense that is required to truly make this film triumphant. Losing that key ingredient then makes the other faults glaringly overt, as any misgivings you may have then proceed to take precedence,” he writes, diplomatically. 

For Richard Jordan of Total Film, ‘Plastic’ is “Hampered by thoroughly unlikeable characters that not even its talented young cast (Ed Speleers, Will Poulter, Alfie Allen) can make you root for.” 

But, it’s The Daily Star who put the final nail in the coffin for the weary thriller, by actually giving it a positive review. “The plot, which is supposedly based on a true story but plays out like an episode of Hustle, is deliciously twisty. But it's the clever dialogue and a dastardly turn from Alfie Allen that really makes it tick,” goes their review.

Watch the trailer for 'Plastic' here