Will Poulter. You know Will Poulter. He won a BAFTA. He was the rap-singing teen in We're The Millers - which was actually quite good. But now he's made a bad movie. Which is fine. But we're going to need to tell you about it, in case you go and waste £9.60 this weekend.

Will PoulterWill Poulter [R] Stars in 'Plastic'

It's called Plastic, and follows the story of Sam & Fordy who run a credit card fraud scheme. However, when they steal money from the wrong guy, they find themselves threatened by a scary and downright sadistic gangster. Somehow, the pair must raise £5 million and pull off a daring diamond heist to clear the debt.

"Imagine The Inbetweeners starring in a low-rent Brit imitation of American Hustle, having first undergone a collective personality transplant," said Digital Spy.

"Even the unintentional laughs eventually give way to groans of disdain. Don't be conned into seeing it," wrote The List.

"Plastic is an unpredictable, albeit convoluted production that bears many twists and turns for the audience to enjoy," said Stefan Pape of HeyUGuys.

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"Hampered by thoroughly unlikeable characters that not even its talented young cast (Ed Speleers, Will Poulter, Alfie Allen) can make you root for," wrote Total Film.

In fact, only good old Andy Lea of the Daily Star gave the movie a positive review, writing, "The plot, which is supposedly based on a true story but plays out like an episode of Hustle, is deliciously twisty. But it's the clever dialogue and a dastardly turn from Alfie Allen that really makes it tick."

So, what's the alternative at the cinema this weekend? We'd have to point you in the direction of revenge thriller Blue Ruin and if you must go for light-hearted comedy, then Seth Rogen and Zac Efron's Bad Neighbours should satisfy. 

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Watch the Plastic trailer: