Will Poulter “was blown away” by ‘The Score’.

The ‘We’re The Millers’ star loves how “unique” the Malachi Smyth movie is and how it cannot be “easily defined” as it covers many themes and genres, such as crime, musical and thriller.

The 29-year-old actor told Collider: “It was so much fun to experience on the page, and I was blown away by just how unique it was. I really loved the fact that it couldn’t be easily defined, as any one thing. It’s this relationship drama. It’s this thriller. It’s simultaneously a musical. It’s also a comedy. It’s so many things, tightly rolled up into one, and I just had a blast reading it. I felt strongly that, if we got it right, people would have a blast watching it too. That was the thinking behind it involving myself.”

The ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3’ star called signing on the flick “a no-brainer” because of his co-stars Naomi Ackie and Johnny Flynn.

Will said: “I think it was the strangeness and the quirkiness of this that really grabbed me and really meant that it stood out. And obviously, to know that Naomi Ackie and Johnny Flynn were involved, it made it a no-brainer to wanna be in this.”

Will praised Malachi’s “encyclopedic knowledge of film” and felt he seemed to be so at home on a film set.

He said: “Malachi has an encyclopedic knowledge of film. He’s a real connoisseur of film, and he had a million different references and visual references for every scene that we were in, which was so cool. He would regularly show Naomi and I clips of films from 60, 70 years ago that he’d seen, that he really loved, that maybe captured the spirit of what he was looking for in a scene. He would show us a frame from a foreign film that he really particularly liked and that he was trying to emulate in a given moment. Just working with someone who’s so much of a cinephile and so passionate about what they do was really cool. Malachi’s a first time director, but he had the knowledge of someone who’d been in the business for 50 years. It was pretty amazing.