Schoolchildren from across London gathered in the City Hall on Friday (May 24) for mayor Boris Johnson's Leadership Clubs programme - which offer extra-curricular activities for 10 to 14-year-olds - only to be treated to an appearance from none other than Hollywood star Will Smith! Will wasn't alone though as he brought his son Jaden along with him to talk with the kids about staying out of trouble, supporting the arts and their new film After Earth.

As is the norm, Bozza decided to make a fool of himself when he revealed to the Smiths that he had written his own rap song, telling them that he had written a rap for the Queen's jubilee. He said: "My first rap, I haven’t really set it to music yet. Perhaps with your help. It was about the Queen’s Jubilee," to which Will jokingly replied: "That [the jubilee] was big in the hip-hop community."

The Mayor of London then took a backseat as Will and Jaden spoke too and entertained the audience, with Jaden busting a few shapes and discussing his main influences to the audience - with rapper Kanye West and William Shakespeare being name checked by the 14-year-old. He also discussed the perks of working with his father, telling the audience, "if you ever need anything on set, you can just walk over and ask him [Will]. He's like a walking dictionary. Any time I'm lost or anything, I can just ask him."

Will Jaden Smith
Will and Jaden Smith were on hand to help out Boris Johnson and make him seem relevant

In his talk with the audience Jaden also mentioned his desire to one day be as successful as his Dad, but said that he wouldn't ever want to tell the Fresh Prince that he was more popular, saying "Even if I did it, I would never say it."

After Earth will be released on June 7.

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Will Jaden Smith