Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's marriage is often under scrutiny from various different sources and once again their union looked under threat when Star Magazine ran a story stating that Will may be hooking up with one of his co-stars. After an intimate photo shoot for their upcoming film Focus, Smith and Aussie actress Margot Robbie were reportedly seen getting heavy handed with each other and the rumour mill began spinning overtime. It turns out though that the co-stars are nothing more than that and the Smith union is under no threat.

Will SmithMargot Robbie
Will and Margot were only fooling around and his 16-year marriage is not under threat

Will's wandering eye had reportedly landed the Smith family in a multi-million dollar divorce battle, Star first reported, but since this claim was made there has been an onslaught of press saying quite the contrary. Despite appearing together in a number of raunchy photographs taken during the wrap party for their new film, sources have insisted that the pair were just messing around and there is nothing to their relationship other than friendship. According to Us Weekly, the 42-year-old Fresh Prince and the 23-year-old former Neighbours actress "are not hooking up," and they have had no intention to do so either.

"That was a photo booth on set that the producers got for everyone," another insider told Us, referring to the snaps that made their way on to the cover of Star Magazine. "It was the last day of filming and everyone was taking pictures. They were just goofing around. Will is just like that. There's nothing more to it."

"Everything with them is great," one source told Us in regards to Will and Jada's marriage. Meanwhile, a friend of Margot spoke to Fox411 about the rumours, admitting that the blonde bombshell has been forced to get used to being link with every one of her co-stars, admitting these types of rumours have become "inevitable."

Will Smith Jada Pinkett Smith
The couple are still going strong