Former CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION star William Petersen is set to return to his role on the hit TV drama, according to U.S. reports.
Series regular Petersen, who played forensics expert Gil Grissom, announced his departure from the longrunning show last July (08) and sparked wide speculation about who would take over from him.
Laurence Fishburne subsequently landed a part in the series last year (08), but producers are reportedly wooing their former star back for a cameo in an effort to boost slipping ratings.
A source tells the National Enquirer, "The bottom line is that CSI just hasn't been the same without Grissom. He's the show's heart and soul. When Grissom left at the end of the ninth season... a lot of longtime viewers went with him.
"There was a brief ratings bump when Laurence Fishburne joined the cast at the beginning of last season, but the numbers have gone downhill ever since."
Last October (08) Petersen admitted he wasn't finished with the TV drama - and hinted at plans to reprise his role on the big screen.
He said, "I'd love to see us make a CSI film... That's the reason Grissom isn't going to die of a brain tumour. It would be good if we did it (the film) right. The whole world is interested in the show... (but) you have to make sure it's not just an extended episode."