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3rd July 2015

Quote: "Batman is basically the American version of Hamlet. We accept that he's played by actors with different interpretations." Hollywood actor Ben Affleck compares his latest movie character to William Shakespeare's tragic prince HAMLET.

21st April 2015

Fact: Former Doctor Who star David Tennant will host a live celebration of William Shakespeare's work to celebrate 400 years since the legendary writer's death. The Scottish actor will appear at the Royal Shakespeare Company's theatre in the writer's native Stratford-upon-Avon, England next year (16). The show will air on U.K. network BBC2.

5th August 2013

Fact: Actor Ed Harris is set to star alongside Ethan Hawke in a modern-day film adaption of William Shakespeare's play Cymbeline. The A Beautiful Mind star will play King Cymbeline in the movie, which begins principal photography on 19 August (13). The revamped story chronicles a battle between crooked cops and a drug-dealing biker gang set in a corruption-riddled 21st century America.

26th June 2013

Tweet: "Contrary to some rumors I've been hearing, I'll only be doing 17 more MACbethBroadway perfs Ever!! No London, La, Japan or tours. For realz (sic)." Actor Alan Cumming dismisses gossip he is planning to tour his Broadway production of William Shakespeare's Macbeth

3rd March 2013

Fact: Actor and filmmaker Kenneth Branagh is returning to his stage roots and testing theatrical superstitions by performing William Shakespeare's Macbeth in a deconsecrated Manchester, England, church. Eleven years after he played Richard Iii at the Sheffield Crucible, Branagh will lead the cast of the play in July (13) as part of the Manchester International Festival.

25th February 2013

Quote: "I'm not orange down there. I've had people ask do I dye my top, but I don't. I don't know why it's orange, but I dig it, I like it." Scottish actor James McAvoy on his new red-flecked beard, which he has grown to play Macbeth in a new adaptation of William Shakespeare's famous tragedy in London.

14th October 2010

Fact: TWILIGHT director Catherine Hardwicke is in negotiations to turn William Shakespeare's classic romance ROMEO & JULIET into a U.S. TV movie.

11th February 2010

Fact: Doctor Zhivago actor Omar Sharif is to star in a modern-day version of William Shakespeare's King Lear, set in Egypt.

6th July 2009

Quote: "I think my dressing room has a ghost. And he doesn't like profanity. I said a really nasty word several times and the lid of a box popped off while I was saying it, and there's no reason why it would." Actress Anne Hathaway had a spooky encounter while performing in the New York production of William Shakespeare play TWELFTH NIGHT.

29th November 2008

Fact: The skull of late Polish pianist ANDRE TCHAIKOWSKY has been appearing on the London stage since July (08). The maestro's head has featured in performances of William Shakespeare's HAMLET by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Director GREG DORAN refused to release the news during the show's run, for fear of turning the play into a spectacle. Tchaikowsky died 26 years ago.

8th October 2008

Fact: A BEATLES tribute artist has combined the Fab Four's hit songs with the words of William Shakespeare. Sir Paul McCartney lookalike Chris O'Neill launched the show, entitled A Bard Day's Night, in Gateshead, England on Monday (06October08).

22nd February 2006

Quote: <p>"I'm not saying I'm f**ggin' William Shakespeare. But even writing a melody, it's a release. And I really have a need to express myself." WE BELONG TOGETHER singer Mariah Carey deals with the stress of being a superstar by writing her own material. </p>

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