William Shatner has agreed to appear in 'Star Trek 3', according to a report.

The actor, now 83, rose to worldwide prominence in the 1960s when he appeared as Captain James Kirk in the popular TV series - and it appears he is about to return to the ever-popular sci-fi franchise.

Shatner is set to share a scene with the current Captain Kirk - played by 34-year-old Chris Pine - as well as Spocks of present and past - played by Zachary Quinto, 37, and Leonard Nimoy, 83 - Badass Digest reports.

Over the last few weeks, it's been widely speculated Shatner has been approached by the movie's producer Jj Abrams about making a return.

And speaking recently, Shatner said he is ''open to the idea'' of appearing in 'Star Trek 3'.

Asked whether he would like to reprise the iconic role, he told the Metro newspaper: ''It depends how it would be written and how they'd do it. But I'm open to the idea.''

Quizzed on what it was like seeing a much younger man playing the role of Captain Kirk, he explained: ''It was like seeing your mortality.

''Here comes a young, handsome and talented guy playing what I was playing years ago. It makes you realise time is passing - if I needed reminding, which I don't.''