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Ziggy Marley Records Children's Music

ZIGGY MARLEY has teamed up with PAUL SIMON, WILLIE NELSON, JACK JOHNSON and actress JAMIE LEE CURTIS to record a new children's album made up of folk standards and popular Jamaican songs. Family Time also features...

Nelson Struggled With Collapsed Lung

Country star WILLIE NELSON almost drowned at sea when his lung collapsed during a swim in Hawaii. The singer was on tour 20 years ago when he decided he wasn't fit enough, but a sudden...

Nelson Takes Up Running At 74

Newly healthy country star WILLIE NELSON has taken up jogging at the age of 74, in a bid to stay fit. The life-long marijuana smoker recently kicked the drug and he has taken up exercise...

Ringo Moves To Monte Carlo To Avoid Tax Laws

Former BEATLE RINGO STARR has set up a permanent home in Monte Carlo so he can avoid tax laws in Britain and Los Angeles. The rocker still has homes in England and California but...

Nelson's Drink And Drug Balancing Act

WILLIE NELSON refuses to give up smoking cannabis, because it is the only thing which prevents him lapsing into an alcohol-induced depression. The 72-year-old country star had to cut down on his whiskey drinking...

Willie Nelson Fights Through Carpal Tunnel Problems

Country singer WILLIE NELSON is fighting carpal tunnel syndrome to perform at pal MERLE HAGGARD's annual UFO FESTIVAL in Roswell, New Mexico, and his own annual Fourth of July picnic this weekend (03+04JUL04)....

Willie Nelson Jokes About Charles' Chess Skills At Funeral

WILLIE NELSON and RAY CHARLES' longtime manager JOE ADAMS gave mourners something to laugh about at the crooner's funeral in Los Angeles on Friday (18JUN04) with a chess anecdote. The country legend performed a...

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