If you’re the woman who stole Ol' Dillo, or the shady characters that bought it off her in a dark alleyway somewhere in New York, then you’re in trouble, because Willie Nelson is looking for you, and he’s enlisted his fans to lend a helping hand.

Willie NelsonWillie Nelson - liked by every human on earth

“Someone stole Aaron's Armadillo from the sound desk backstage on Sept 19 at the Capital Theater (149 Westchester Ave, Port Chester, NY 10573) Did you go to the show? Did you work the show? Help us find the WOMAN in this video who stole him,” said a Facebook post accompanying a video of the suspect.

She strolls on stage like nothing serious is going on, makes a beeline directly for the stuffed toy, then makes her way off stage. Police are calling it the most calculated crime in history – and leads are thin.

One serious fan announced: “We hang armadillo thieves in Texas.” Nelson's publicist, Elaine Schock, told The Journal News that she wasn’t even aware of the existence of Ol' Dillo, and by virtue of her ignorance, didn’t know it had been stolen.

"When you go to a Willie Nelson show the last thing you notice is an armadillo,” she explained, making a huge amount of sense. The theater’s manager, Tom Bailey, said the armadillo is a treasured travel companion of the band’s monitor engineer, Aaron Foye.

Clearly upset with the kidnapping of his keepsake, Aaron wants his damn armadillo. We will be offering up the following reward for anyone who has any information leading to the recovery of said armadillo: love, respect and loads of articles to read.

Willie Nelson performingBut he doesn't like the person who pinched Ol' Dillo