Wilmer Valderrama is designing a range of charity T-shirts.

The former 'That '70s Show' star is on the board of advisors at This Shirt Helps, a new clothing brand that aims to give back in the style of TOMS Shoes.

He said: "It's one of those really feel-good brands that I think could really, really help. The Common goal is to create a somewhat global-helping approach to business."

Proceeds from every T-shirt sold at ThisShirtHelps.com go toward sthe buyer's choice of charitable act: to the ASPCA save a single animal; to provide clean water for one year via Waves 4 Water; allowing Plant with Purpose to plant three trees; or funding one month of school via Pencils of Promise.

Speaking of the T-shirts, Wilmer told People: "We made it very simple because we don't like wearing crazy brands and wearing big names across our chests or anything like that. Eventually the shirt will have a nice, really effortless, simple branding that you'll recognize among the people who have helped. So if you don't know what that symbol means, then you haven't necessarily been a part of it.

"If you really want to help, if it's really within your heart to help, you don't need to be telling the world you did."