And in random mid week news, a man has been arrested after allegedly causing trouble on the set of Woody Allen’s new movie. Allen is currently filming on location near Brown University in Providence, for an as-of-yet untitled project to be released in 2015.

Woody Allen
The untitled movie is due out sometime in 2015. Filming will continue as scheduled.

Officers of the local police department were called on the scene on Tuesday, August 5, after the suspect hurled a chair at security guards and ran off. He had previously arrived on the set and started asking “weird questions”about the movie's stars, who include Emma Stone, Joaquin Phoenix and Parker Posey. The incident raises concerns about the security of the actors and everyone involved in the project, however the project will continue as scheduled.

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At some point, the man was tackled by the police and taken to a nearby hospital for a head injury. According to the Associated Press, he has since been arrested. The suspect has been identified as Mark Spiridakos. No other details have been announced about the incident or the suspect. According to the AP, via ABC News he could not be reached and the motives behind his erratic behavior remain unclear. He has since been arrested and charged with assault. It is unclear whether he has a lawyer or how he will plead.

More on the story as/if it develops.

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Emma Stone
The movie stars Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix.