The moviemaker admits he has always been fascinated by crime and murder and he often falls asleep while planning a chilling killing.

He tells WENN, "I learned everything I know about crime and murder as a boy growing up. For some reason, as a little kid, I was very preoccupied with a few subjects: magic tricks, baseball and crime.

"I knew all the gangsters and all the criminals and all the murderers; I knew everything about them, their nicknames, what they were in (prison) for. I knew every guy and where he grew up and what he had done. It was a real fascinating interest of mine.

"I learned everything from reading murder books or watching Alfred Hitchcock or reading all the Murder Incorporated books and crime books as just a fan. I've never murdered anybody! I mean I've thought of murdering people, but I never thought of it seriously!

"That said, every once in a while if you can't sleep at night and you're lying awake at three o'clock in the morning and you want to get back to sleep there are various things you can think of. One thing I have thought of at times is the perfect murder - it puts you to sleep! You think, 'Alright, inject the tomato with the cyanide and walk away..."