Vegan Woody Harrelson gave meat lover Ben Foster pause for thought on the set of new movie The Messenger - by insisting he try vegetarian and non-dairy food during filming.
The hardcore vegetarian has become known for turning movie sets into eco-friendly, green, meat-free zones and insists that all disposable materials are degradable and organic - and he was as strict as ever on the set of his latest film.
Foster tells WENN, "He walks the walk... He did drag me, begrudgingly, to several vegan restaurants, and I did enjoy them very much. I felt like I had more energy and wasn't as foggy after eating, let's say, a really killer steak.
"But he's not evangelical about it. He lives by his routine... If someone's interested, he has an encyclopedic knowledge on the subject and, if we talked about foods, he'll share a point of view, but he's not looking for converts."
And that's just as well - because Foster could never give up meat: "I like a healthy dose of blood in my diet."