Wretch 32 wants to help Ed Sheeran explore hip-hop music.

The rapper - who previously collaborated with the singer-songwriter on 2012 track 'Hush Little Baby' as well as a remix of 'You Need Me, I Don't Need You' - has offered to lay down a rhyme on the follow-up to Ed's debut '+' as he'd ''love'' to hear his pal venture into the new genre of music.

Wretch told the Daily Star newspaper: ''Me and Ed have been working together for years. I would help him out if he helped me out with my singing or guitar playing. We need to do a trade.

''He loves his rap for sure - you never know where he's going to be cause he appeared on Labrinth's EP rapping with me and Devlin. He loves all that, I'd love to hear him do more.

''The great thing about working together now is people are finally paying attention as we're getting bigger.''

Until he and Ed get together again, Wretch is showing a different side to his personality on new single 'Blackout', which he hopes will be a ''global'' success.

He continued: ''It's the up-tempo party side of me. My previous material maybe didn't reflect that. When I heard this beat it reminded me of being out having a good time and I converted that vibe into a song.

''I have a global record now ready to break around the world.''