The hip-hop star insists he'll be too busy promoting his new solo album Fly International Luxurious Art to hit the road with his crew.

He says, "I ain't (sic) going on the road with Wu-Tang this year. Fans will think it's beef (a fall out) in the group, but it's all management.

"I didn't know s**t about the tour. They just assume I'm good to be there and put it all together, but by then I got obligations, a f**king schedule. It's frustrating, 'cause I'd love to be there."

Meanwhile, in a new interview, Raekwon reveals he was not impressed with Wu-Tang Clan's 20th-anniversary album A Better Tomorrow, calling it "disappointing".

He adds, "That album felt kinda bored. And that's not just my opinion. The music was just too soft. Too humble. I felt like the album could have been better. I voiced my opinion, like, 'Yo, let's give them some real s**t!' The album was driven more to (bandmate and producer) RZA's expectations. He was coming from one way, we was (sic) wanting to try something new."