Nathan Sellers has accused his former girlfriend Lia Palmquist of sleeping with each and every member of the group during an all-night party on their tour bus, but she insists she simply hung out with the rappers, who were nothing but gentlemen.

The odd case hit Friday's (10Apr15) episode of Divorce Court in the U.S., during which Sellers told Judge Lynn Toler his ex was with the Wu-Tang Clan stars until 7am, adding, "She gave the Wu some tang."

Palmquist insisted, "Nothing inappropriate happened and let me just put on the record that Wu-Tang is nothing but gentlemen (sic). They treated me highly. I would never cheat on him. I would never be a bust-down or a groupie in that type of situation."

Ironically, the legal battle started when Palmquist demanded compensation from her former live-in lover, claiming he gave her bedbugs. Judge Toler ruled in favour of Sellers and tossed the case.