"Twenty grand, know it's a sin, but before me you show me a little more skin it would fulfil my fantasy" so rapped Wyclef Jean back on his 2001 UK smash hit 'Perfect Gentleman'. There will be few who would be keen on stumping up such an amount of cash to see Jean do the same thing, however, after seeing the latest picture that the rapper posted on his Twitter.

Jean decided to post a picture of himself wearing nothing but a pair of tiny red and blue briefs, straddling a similarly-coloured Dugatti motorcycle, and added the caption "TODAY I AM 43 YEARS OLD! I look And feel 26! U cant keep a good Man down! Keep a smile when they want you to frown!" Indeed Wyclef, indeed. Frowning certainly wasn't the first expression that came to our face upon seeing the picture; it was more of open-mouthed shock.

An ambassador for the natural disaster stricken country Haiti, Wyclef found himself the subject of a few critics on Twitter after posting the picture. "Haiti has been thru way too much. They deserve better than this" mocked one, whilst another added "But seriously though, how that n---a 'Clef torso look like Jermaine Jackson, but his legs look like Chief Keef?" Beats us, anonymous user, beats us. Happy 43rd, Wyclef!