Wyclef Jean's former Fugees co-star Pras is refusing to support the rapper's bid to become the next Haitian president - he has sided with the opposition instead.
On Thursday (05Aug10), Jean confirmed plans to run for office in his homeland and filed paperwork in the capital Port-Au-Prince to make his campaign official.
Jean's decision to move into politics has already angered actor/activist Sean Penn, who slammed the move as "suspicious", and now his former bandmate Pras Michel has publicly come out in support of another candidate.
Michel, who has Haitian roots, has given his backing to Michel Martelly, who will run against Jean at the upcoming election.
In a series of posts on his Twitter.com page, Michel writes, "All Haitians around the world it's going to take all of us to start this reconstruction for Haiti! Michel Martelly for president 2010! It's official the people are asking for it. I'm here in the belly of Haiti. I endorse Michel Martelly as the next president of Haiti!"
He added, "Sean Penn understands what's really going and understand (sic) what Haiti really needs..."