Wyclef Jean is convinced voting laws in his native Haiti were rigged so he couldn't run for President in 2010 and clean up the country.

The former Fugees star had to sit out the elections after he was told he couldn't participate because he didn't have a home in Haiti - but he believes officials were simply scared that he'd win and bring about too much change.

He says, "I was bamboozled... They told me I didn't have five-year residency there (but) they basically feared me because they felt like I was a popularist."

But the star still thinks he was "the man for the job" and felt compelled to do something to help Haitians left homeless and desperate after the 2010 earthquake, which reduced much of his homeland's capital to rubble.

He adds, "I ran because after seeing 250,000 people under the rubble... I felt like I was the man for them at the time."

After being ruled ineligible as a presidential candidate, Wyclef threw his support behind Michel Martelly, who was named Haiti's new President last year (11) - and the musician thinks the new leader is doing a terrific job so far.

Wyclef states, "He's doing good work."