Wyclef Jean spent Thursday (12Jan12) volunteering in his native Haiti to mark the second anniversary of the 2010 earthquake which levelled the nation.
The Fugees star threw himself into charity work following the disaster on 12 January, 2010, and even attempted to run for president in a bid to help improve life for desperate Haitians.
His political run was denied, but the musician has continued working with his Yele Haiti foundation to help survivors cope in the aftermath of the crisis, and he returned to the country this week (beg09Jan12) to mark two years since the quake.
Jean filmed a special report for TV show 106 and Park on Thursday, and urged his fans to take time out of their day to remember the tragedy.
In a series of posts on his Twitter.com page, he writes, "From The Ashes We Shall Rise. Tune into to 106 and Park today for a special episode dedicated to the Earthquake Victims, I will be reporting from the ground in Haiti. 2 Years ago at 4:53 Pm a 7.0 devesated (sic) my homeland of Haiti. Let us now take a moment of silence 2 remember those that passed and their fam (families)..."
And Wyclef wasn't the only star with the disaster on his mind - Janet Jackson also 'tweeted' to continue raising awareness.
She writes, "2 yrs after Haiti's quake the # (number) of orphans has doubled, 40% unemployment, no schools, no food...500k people still live under tarps & in tents, 1000's of women are sexually abused, 100 rapes daily in settlements. If you want to help with me & (charity) AidStillRequired - plant trees, provide jobs, homes, food, education go to http://www.aidstillrequired.org/donate."