The Yeah Yeah Yeahs aren't really a band known for their exploits of the music video, but with their new single 'Sacrilege' the New Yorkers have pulled out all the stops for a bizarre, slightly disturbing story-telling video about the evils of promiscuity in a small, Christian town in rural America. 

Starring model/actress Lily Cole as the amoral star of the video and not featuring any of the band, it follows the story of the red head's numerous exploits with many of the town's men (and a woman) in reverse, ending on her wedding day. Before we find out the root of her trail of indecency, at first we see Cole as she is burnt at the stake, being watched as she receives her comeuppance from each of her (relatively older) spurned lovers, having been found in bed with the town's young vicar.

The video features its fair bit of flesh from the flamed haired Brit, and plenty of saucy scenes involving her and a barrage of different men ranging from her young and cute husband and the vicar, to a rather raggedy old priest and the town sheriff. If that's the kind of thing that gets you going, then good news! We have the video right here for your viewing pleasure and we're betting the Lynch-ian video wont let you down. The song 'Sacrilege' will feature on the band's upcoming album Mosquito.

Karen OKaren O would no doubt have approved of the strange 'Sacrilege' video