You Me At Six have turned full-blown punk on their new single, 'MAKEMEFEELALIVE'.

Josh Franceschi and co have launched the next chapter in their career with the explosive new track about reclaiming control.

Speaking about the inspiration for the song, the frontman explained: ''This song is about having control, it being taken away from you and then finally reclaiming it. The video is all about the notion of needing to see clearly to feel alive. The desire of understanding where you started, and where you're going, so you know when you get there.''

The track is accompanied with a split screen POV promo featuring a cameo from 'The Joker' actress Leigh Gill.

'MAKEMEFEELALIVE' is the first taste of their upcoming seventh studio effort - which follows last year's single, 'What's It Like', and their 2018 top 10 LP, 'VI'.

'What's It Like' saw YMA6 flex their ''creative muscles'' and was sonically in the vein of their peers Bring Me The Horizon's electronic-leaning LP, 'Amo'.

Josh explained at the time: '''What's It Like' is us flexing our creative muscles.

''Lyrically, it's looking at our society in parts in 2019.

''I feel as though we are living in a time where we've lost our way a little bit.

''There are great innovators and pioneers which we can rely on, but there is also a feeling of the blind leading the blind, and a lack of humility present. ''Within the title and the chorus I sort of poke fun at those who are libertines or self serving - 'what's it like being perfect all the time?'. Life's not a competition, but people have a tendency to play it out that way.''

Meanwhile, Josh previously said he hoped 'VI' would be ''career-defining'', after they admitted to feeling ''underwhelmed'' by 2017's 'Night People'.

The 30-year-old singer said the band felt they needed to swiftly make another record because they didn't connect to their fifth album, despite it reaching number three in the Official UK Chart.

He told BANG Showbiz: ''We felt underwhelmed by our own record so we wanted to make another one quickly, and a good one.

''Being a number three album doesn't mean it's any good.

''[Sir] Cliff Richard had how many numbers ones at Christmas, they were all crap so that doesn't mean it's any good.''

'MAKEMEFEELALIVE' is out now on all major streaming services.