Fans of Pink and City and Colour will be pleased to know that the two will be releasing an album this fall …but not in the way they normally do. For the first time ever, City and Colour, real name Dallas Green, and Pink, real name Alecia Moore, are collaborating under the guise of You+Me.

You And Me ArtworkDallas Green and Pink formed their new project, You+Me

At first glance, the pairing seems a little odd for a number of reasons. You gotta wonder: what’s a big superstar like Pink doing with a fairly popular but not huge act like Dallas Green? And can Pink’s mainstream pop sound clash with Green’s indie charm? To answer these: Alecia Moore met Green through her husband, motorcycle racer Carey Hart, and they both felt a musical connection. He even opened a couple of dates on Pink’s The Truth About Love tour. According to a press release, the two got together in the studio and wrote more songs than expected - so they figured they might as well make a whole album. The result is a ten track full-length entitled rose ave., and the only problem we have is that the band name isn’t an awesome pun on “Pink” and “Green.”

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Not only did they announce the band formation and album, but they released the lead single from the record, too. ‘You And Me,’ which premiered in the form of a lyric video, showcases the musical connection that they felt perfectly. The song is light and melodic and very in line with what we’re used to seeing out of City and Colour’s catalog, but for Pink, it’s pretty much uncharted territory. The duo’s vocals mix together brilliantly and the track is a great addition to each member’s career - and we can only assume that rose ave. will be filled with songs just like ‘You and Me’ when it drops on October 14.

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