Team USA gymnast Simone Biles is an extremely decorated athlete who has won four Olympic gold medals and is a three-time world all-around champion. But the 19-year-old is also a huge fan of actor Zac Efron and on Tuesday her dreams came true when she finally got to meet the High School Musical star after her Olympic victory.

Simone has never been shy about how big a Zac fangirl she is (she actually owns a life-size cardboard cutout of him). Earlier this year during an appearance on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ Simone revealed her crush on Zac and was presented with a leotard covered in pictures of the actor’s face.

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After seeing the special leotard Zac tweeted Simone: “Thanks for the heads up @TheEllenShow! Good luck at the Olympic trials @Simone_Biles!” in what would soon be the first of many twitter interactions.

Last week, after Simone qualified for the finals, he tweeted her: “So phenomenal a skill's named after her. Congrats on sticking the Biles and qualifying for the finals @Simone_Biles!” Simone then replied, telling him she hoped he could catch the finals on TV the next night.

But on Tuesday Zac went one better than sending out a congratulatory tweet, he actually flew to Rio to meet Simone and the rest of the final five. Sharing a video of her kissing Zac on the cheek, Simone tweeted, “on cloud 9”.

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Simone also shared more videos and pics of the pair’s meeting, including one simply captioned, “Just call me mrs.efron already.” After her success in Rio, Simone is now the most decorated American gymnast of all-time but now she’s finally got to meet Zac, she’s also probably the happiest Olympian on earth.