Three films go head to head this weekend, all with reasonable claim to the top spot. But will the audiences go for a historical to learn about the demise of JFK; head for the stars with Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck or be sucked in by Gravity’s delightful pull.

Colin Hanks and Zac Efron in ParklandColin Hanks and Zac Efron in Parkland

Despite some mediocre reviews, Parkland strings together some attractive qualities: a bona fide history lesson, a great cast and, of course, Zac Efron’s face, which has proven to be a marketable asset up until now, so why would that change now? There are two things that mean Parkland won’t be top of the box office come Monday.

Firstly, it’s receiving a limited release tonight; we’re talking hundreds of theatres compared to its rivals’ thousands. Secondly, the mediocre reviews have stunted the hype for this movie, meaning a fair few people will have been swayed towards something else; something… out of this world?

Justin Timberlake and Ben AffleckJustin Timberlake and Ben Affleck in Runner Runner

If Parkland can’t take on the Alfonso Cuaron epic, then can Runner Runner? Batting in its favour is the name and face of Justin Timberlake, whose renaissance of late has been nothing short of emphatic. He’s alongside the new Batman and Oscar winner Ben Affleck, but a slew of negative press from the critics will probably be enough to damn this film to second spot.

Which means coming in first will be Gravity. Cuaron’s space thriller has been talked about for months, and its stock has been growing exponentially since it stunned at the Venice Film Festival. Brilliant reviews, an original concept and, as many commentators have suggested, an increased female demographic of potential fans make this film the favourite for the box office crown this weekend.

Sandra Bullock and George ClooneySandra Bullock and George Clooney in Gravity

Find out on Monday of our Gravity, Runner Runner, Parkland 1,2,3 was accurate in our roundup.