That Awkward Moment, an upcoming comedy starring Zac Efron, is being marketed as a romcom for the guys’ guy. We’ve already seen the male perspective on action, thriller, adventure, sci-fi and practically every other film genre in existence. What That Awkward Moment promises is a male version of a romantic comedy.

That Awkward Moment Still
It's sort of like Sex and the City, except not quite as pink and sparkly.

Efron, who has now firmly moved on from his High School Musical days, plays Jason, a confused 20-something living in the big city, trying to maneuver around the perils of jobs, dating and relationships with his small group of likeminded friends. It’s a familiar scenario, except obviously, he’s a dude. The film is set to open in theatres this coming Friday.

Watch the red band trailer below.

"This is the first look, I think, of what it is like to be a guy dating at our age and what it's like to be out there," said Efron, 26, who is also an executive producer on the film, while romcom veteran Tom Gormican is in the director’s seat. The casting sounds very promising as well, with Miles Teller, who starred in last year's Sundance hit "The Spectacular Now" and this year's film festival favorite "Whiplash," playing Jason's best buddy, the funny, affable Daniel. Michael B. Jordan, who last year received wide recognition for his breakthrough performance in Fruitvale Station, co-stars as the more mature Mikey. This is Jordan’s first comedic role and the actor admits that he welcomed the change. "I was looking for a change of pace. A lot of people know my work from more dramatic, serious roles," said Jordan, 26, for Reuters.

Zac Efron, That Awkward Moment Premiere
Zefron at the LA premiere.

So what’s keeping this movie from being your standard old bromance flick? "We walk a careful balance between being good guys deep down and caring and ... waking up the next day and feeling sort of guilty for our commitment issues," said Efron. "At the same time, we have to live our lives."

Michael B. Jordan, That Awkward Moment Premiere
Michael B. Jordan at the LA premiere.