Zac Efron has apparently been keeping a closely held secret under wraps for a number of months now, as it has emerged that the Parklands actor reportedly completed a stint in a rehab treatment facility for cocaine addiction. The actor finished his stint in the unspecified rehabilitation centre approximately five months ago, and has been clean ever since.

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Efron in his new movie, Neighbors

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A source spoke to gossip site TMZ this week to reveal that the actor had spiraled out of control while filming the Seth Rogen comedy Neighbors, as a recreational habit quickly turned into a major problem. During filming back in April this year, Efron was apparently a no-show on the set for a number of days, halting production on several occasions. Once filming had wrapped, the star was reportedly shipped off to a rehabilitation centre somewhere on the West Coast.

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"It was common knowledge he was struggling with cocaine," the source in question told TMZ. Other sources confirmed with the site that Zac was struggling with cocaine, but also state that he used MDMA heavily. A spokesperson for Zac later refused to give any comment to the website, yet countless other 'sources' have since filed reports with various media outlets confirming that the actor was in rehab earlier this year suffering from a cocaine dependancy. A source told that the 25-year-old actor is "doing great" now and is clean and sober at the present moment, adding: "He's taking care of himself and it shows."

Another insider also told E! News: "He's healthy, happy and not drinking. He's taking time to focus on working."

Zac Efron
Efron has apparently made a full recovery