Well, that was unexpected! News outlets confirm this week that Zac Efron has split from his girlfriend of two years Sami Miro, despite the fact that the pair were seen spending time together only two weeks ago in LA. While he was filming 'Baywatch' in Georgia, he apparently made time to join her in LA on weekends.

Zac EfronZac Efron ditches girlfriend Sami Miro

It's come as quite a shock that the couple have decided to call it quits, given that they seemed quite happy together while hanging out at the MTV Movie Awards this month. Plus, they were food shopping together in Los Angeles on April 11th. While various publications have confirmed the sad news, it's not yet known whether or not the separation was amicable. Some evidence suggests not; Efron has erased Miro's existence on his Instagram and Twitter pages and unfollowed her, though she is yet to do the same and continues to follow her ex-beau. 

Indeed, Miro was seen without Efron at Coachella Festival over the weekend, though from her Instagram posts it sounded like they were still going strong. She posted a selfie with the caption 'Donde estas mi amor' ('Where is my love?' in Spanish) - was she expecting Efron to join her, or was she just missing him?

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A source apparently told Hollywood Life of the reasons behind the split. 'Zac is finally getting to a place in Hollywood where he wants to be. With big tent-poles like 'Baywatch' and 'Neighbors 2' coming down the line he can now start picking roles that get him to a different place in Hollywood', they said. 'He always has wanted to be the next Leo DiCaprio and he hopes now that he has the box office behind him that producers and directors will start giving him more chances other than the lame romantic comedies he gets pitched every five minutes.

'All of this totally took a toll on his relationship with Sami. He was moving forward in his career and focusing everything on that and the relationship took the hit. There is no plans for reconciliation. It was him who broke things off and she is heartbroken!'

Oh dear! The couple, both 28-years-old, first came out as a couple in the fall of 2014. Efron was previously in a relationship with his 'High School Musical' co-star Vanessa Hudgens.