Zachary Quinto has ''been in therapy for a long time''.

The 38-year-old actor, who appears in the role of Spock in the 'Star Trek' reboot, has revealed the admiration he has for psychologists and thinks therapy can be of ''tremendous benefit'' if patients are willing to embrace the idea.

Asked what he'd like to do if he wasn't an actor, Zachary said: ''Probably be a psychologist. I love therapy - I've been in therapy for a long time. I think psychologists are a tremendous benefit to people if you're prepared to dive in as far as you're willing to go into yourself. So I feel that if I didn't have an outlet to express that exploration in acting, I'd want to be engaged on a fuller level in psychotherapy.

''To be able to be a guide for other people - that's an aspect of what we do as actors in the characters we play, especially when they're as archetypal as Spock.''

Zachary - who previously starred in the sci-fi series 'Heroes' - also admitted his career has reached a ''crossroads'' and he's currently considering his next move.

He told Metro newspaper: ''I'm actively not doing anything. I'm finishing up on 'Star Trek' at the end of October and then I'm at an interesting crossroads.

''I really want to get back on stage so I'm trying to find a play - I'd love to take a year out and do theatre. I have no idea but I'm really excited at the idea of having no idea.''