Zachary Quinto has promised he will beg Leonard Nimoy to appear in the next 'Star Trek' film.

The 'Heroes' actor plays the character Spock, originally made famous by Leonard, in the revamped version of the series and said he will do anything in his power to convince him to return for the next instalment.

Leonard was notoriously difficult to persuade to sign on for the first film in the new series, released last year, with the film's director Jj Abrams personally visiting to convince him.

Speaking about the next film, Zachary joked: "I think I might have to ask him this time!"

Zachary said there will be no problem getting him to reprise his role, however, and he's already looking forward to filming again.

He added: "Every time JJ calls I pick up in a heartbeat. I assure you that. "And when it's to tell me to come to work I'll be there."

Simon Pegg, who also stars in the film as the character Scotty, has previously said he thinks the film will star shooting before the end of the year.

He said: "I speak to JJ quite a lot and he's very tight lipped. I keep saying, 'when are we doing it, when are we doing it?' and he says 'Soon, soon.'

"So I reckon towards the end of the year. It might be a similar time to when we did the last one, so over Christmas kind of thing."