It’s no big surprise that Zack Snyder has been announced as the man who will direct the upcoming Justice League movie. Snyder, who directed last year's Man of Steel and is currently working on the 'as yet untitled' Batman vs Superman movie seems to be Warner Bros chosen one when it comes to bringing the DC universe to life. But continuity aside, is Zack Snyder really the right man for the job?

Zack SnyderZack Snyder will be taking on the Justice League

Snyder made his name in Hollywood when he debuted behind the lens on 2004’s Dawn of the Dead remake. Critically, the movie earned unexpected praise and at the box office it became one of the few zombie films to make over $102 million internationally. His follow up, 300, became an even bigger box office hit taking over $456 million worldwide. But this time many critics weren’t too keen on Snyder’s violent vision and 300 earned its fair share of rotten reviews. Two years later The Watchmen would find itself in a similar situation as Snyder began to seem in danger of becoming one of those directors who polarises opinion yet draws big box office. But when his writing debut Sucker Punch hit theatres in 2011 both critics and audiences stayed away, with the movie drawing particular criticism for its depiction of female characters.

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When Snyder was announced as the director for the Superman reboot there was some apprehension from fans. Many wondered if Snyder, who’s known for his love of slow motion scenes, would be more of a hindrance than a help to Superman finding an audience in 2013. When Man of Steel eventually came out the reaction was predictably mixed and those who didn't like it unequivocally blamed Snyder’s directorial style for the film’s problems. Still, Man of Steel managed 0ver $687million at the worldwide box office so it’s no surprise that Snyder was subsequently handled the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie.

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