'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' director Zack Snyder opens up about the inner turmoils going on in the minds of both Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent that lead them to ultimately clash following events in 2013's 'Man Of Steel'. Guilt, tragedy and frustration both unite these heroes and divide them.

Batman v SupermanBatman v Superman - They've both got problems of their own

After the destructive battle with General Zod at the end of 'Man Of Steel', Superman is now suffering the repercussions of defeating his enemy. Too many innocent lives has been lost in his quest to save who he could, and now he's questioning how much of it was worth it. 

'There's a paradigm shift happening in that the consequences of some of those rescues are starting to come now into fruition', says Snyder. 'He's starting to see that every action has a reaction, there's no such thing as just purely being good all the time.'

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Unfortunately for him, there are few people who are willing to reassure him that he's still a hero - the most reluctant of which is Batman. He's been fighting villains all his life, but now he's lonelier than ever thanks to a caped crusader from space.

'He's lost along the way a lot of his friends and he's become really reclusive as you'd imagine', Snyder continues. 'All that's left is he and Alfred and he realises that his true legacy would be to do something about this global problem... The real work would be to change the future of mankind.'

Both forces are vying to be the one who saves mankind, both with different ideas on what that involves. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor is using their animosity to his advantage, to meet his own dastardly ends, and Wonder Woman comes along to de-macho this muscle competition.

'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' is showing in theaters now.