Zane Lowe has hailed Kanye West as "one of the greatest creatives of all time".

The 47-year-old broadcaster has interviewed the 'Stronger' rapper multiple times over the years and the DJ always "looks forward" to their chats because they inspire him to do better with his own work as he learns more about himself, which he thinks is key to what makes Kanye so great.

He said: “At various times in our journey in life, he will decide there’s a conversation for us to have, and whenever he does, not only do I look forward to immensely, I also learn about my process.

"I always walk away from every conversation with Ye feeling inspired to work on what I’m working on in a deeper way. That’s why so many people respond to his creative process and the way the he creates.

"He’s one of the greatest creatives of all time, because he really does continually open the door of what’s possible for others.”

Meanwhile, Zane teased Billie Eilish's new music will be "absolutely stunning" but refused to be drawn on the comeback album from Lorde - whose real name is Ella Yelich O'Connor - because he wants to let her speak for herself.

He told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "The Billie Eilish music is sounding absolutely stunning. And I’ll leave it at that.

“I don’t want you thinking: ‘He doesn’t like the Lorde music!’ But I don’t want to say something about someone’s music who I really like – I really like Ella, and it’s taken a long time for her music to come back, and she’s taken her time.

"So I just want to give her time to introduce her narrative the way she wants. But I have zero doubt in my mind that her new music is going to be spectacular.”