Zane Lowe had four years of therapy to overcome obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

The 46-year-old presenter couldn't ''shake'' his constant urge to ''know the tap is off, know the door is locked'' and though his problems weren't ''debilitating'' physically, he knew he had to do something about it.

He said: ''It never got to the point where it was debilitating [physically but] I was so obsessed with things in my head, I couldn't shake them -- spiralling.

''It took me a solid four years of therapy and work to find a pathway where I could see what the road [out] looked like, and I had the tools to be able to take that road.''

Zane - who also battles anxiety - admitted his work is also very helpful for him to stay on top of his mental health struggles.

He told the New York Times newspaper: ''I have these voices that I'm trying to bury through work and productivity, just like everybody else.

''[In the past] the simple thing for me was to go really deep into music -- just pull the thread and go deep, deep, deep.''

The Apple Music presenter believes he has improved as an interviewer after realising artists may go through the same struggles he has, which helped him interpret their work differently and be able to address his questioning in a different way.

He said: ''I just started to listen to music differently, [the lyrics], the melody and the energy -- there were other things buried in there...

''[With songwriting there is] the result and the process. Those two things I love and I have spent my life having those conversations.

''Now, it's more about the spirit. Maybe at this point in my life, I'm better equipped to have those conversations, and add something of depth.''

And Zane - who has two sons with wife Kara Walters - thinks the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent isolation measures have made his guests more introspective.

He said: ''Without the touring and the promo and the need for others to ask questions about themselves, to hyper focus on their own lives, they're starting to find themselves a quieter space.

''There's a lot more introspection going on.''