Zane Lowe thinks Zayn Malik's solo material is ''really good''.

The Beats 1 DJ has heard a sneak peak of the former One Direction singer's forthcoming music and thinks people will be impressed when they hear it.

Speaking in the new issue of Heat magazine, he said: ''I heard something by Zayn and it was really good. I don't know what people expect but he sounds great.''

And Lowe suggested the songs will be very different to the 22-year-old star's work with his former band.

He added: ''People will be drawn to his music in a different way.''

It was recently claimed Zayn is planning to move to America.

The singer is currently Stateside working on solo material and doesn't look set to move back to the UK any time soon as he was reportedly heard chanting ''f**k London'' at a party recently.

A source said: ''He definitely seems happier over there and doesn't act as though he wants to come back to the UK any time soon.

''It's the lazy Californian lifestyle he loves. What he said at the party sums up his attitude. He's done with Britain.''