Zayn Malik is proud of his massive melons.

The 31-year-old singer is a keen gardener who likes experimenting with growing different crops in the grounds of his Pennsylvania home and he was delighted with the results when he managed to produce some huge fruit, though he doesn't believe he can take the credit.

Asked about his achievements in the garden, he told Sean Evans on 'Hot Ones': My biggest achievement growing stuff, a couple of years ago we grew some of the biggest watermelons I’ve ever seen, they were huge, like 40lbs.

" I showed them to my friend's parents and they were growing them at the same time and they were like ‘I don’t know what we’re doing wrong with ours, they’re some massive watermelons’.

"That’s probably my proudest moments while I’ve been trying to be a gardener.

"I think it’s the soil, I don’t think I had anything to do with it, the weather is ideal, it’s really humid out there, I think that’s ideal for them."

The 'What I Am' singer also enjoys growing chillis, but doesn't eat what he's grown.

Zayn - whose eyes watered as he ate increasingly hot chicken wings on the show - said: "I love growing chillis though, I’ve been growing a lot of Scotch bonnets and Carolina Reapers. They grow really well too, I got a really big yield last year."

Asked if he's eaten one, he said: "I haven’t no… It’s a whole thing, eating a chilli pepper as opposed to trying the hot sauce."

Meanwhile, the former One Direction singer is a keen cook and has been learning to "sneak" vegetables in his dishes in a bid to get three-year-old daughter Khai - who he has with former partner Gigi Hadid - to eat healthily.

He said: "Signature dish, I guess that’s the thing I cook the most. I cook this thing called tandoori chicken quite a lot, a red chicken in spice, you can serve it on a kebab or in a wrap or whatever, but if I was to make a meal it would probably be spaghetti bolognaise.

"I’m getting pretty good at sneaking vegetables in there for my daughter because she’s not about vegetables at all."