Zedd's collaboration with Alessia Cara came about by fate.

The 28-year-old DJ worked with Alessia on their hit single 'Stay', but Zedd has admitted there was more than an element of good fortune about how the collaboration happened.

He told Variety: ''I was thinking of who could be a good fit for a vocal, and I was in the car and I heard an Alessia Cara song on the radio.

''I thought her voice was really close in terms of vocal colour and expression to the demo vocal.''

A day later, the pair were asked to perform together at the 2016 Halo Awards.

He said: ''Thirty minutes into meeting her I asked if she wanted to be on the track. I didn't know her, so it was the perfect moment to be like hey ... I have this song I want you to sing.''

And as luck would have it, Alessia developed an immediate liking for the track, which helped to smooth the collaboration.

Zedd - whose real name is Anton Zaslavski - said: ''We're the same type of person. There's obviously people in the industry who change and who aren't as pleasant to be around, and she's just the perfect example of a good human being who works hard and is genuine.

''Even after 'Stay' the next song I was producing was a female vocalist as well, and my first thought was man it was so nice to work with Alessia, why can't I just make another song with her?''