Zendaya finds applying her own make-up "very therapeutic".

The 'Euphoria' star likes to do her own glam most of the time because it helps her feel less nervous before doing interviews or stepping out on the red carpet.

She told British Vogue: "I pretty much do all my own make-up for events now. It’s very therapeutic for me, especially if I’m ever stressed out before a press junket or a big event. There’s something about taking that time to just be with yourself that I find very relaxing."

The Lancôme ambassador admitted it's "trial and error" when it comes to nailing her make-up look, but she's been able to pick up a lot of different techniques from the make-up artists she's worked with.

The 24-year-old actress said: "Once I started working with make-up artists, I’d just watch them. If I liked the way someone did my eyebrows, I’d just watch how they did it and try it a home. Over time, learning to do my make-up became about taking different techniques and products from people I liked and putting them into my Rolodex. Then it was a matter of trial and error. I’d go out on the red carpet and later look at photos. Sometimes, I’d be like, 'Ooh, I look like a ghost', so then I’d fix it the next time around. It’s really about trying, failing, and trying again."

Zendaya admitted that every time she hits the red carpet the aim is to "always do something risky".

Asked the biggest beauty risk she has ever taken is, she replied: "Every time I step on the red carpet, it’s a risk. We always do something risky."

Elsewhere, the 'Greatest Showman' star said she loves to "embrace" her naturally wavy hair.

She said: "I like to wear my hair natural. My natural curl pattern came back after I stopped putting heat on my hair so I try to just embrace [what I have] while learning to care for my natural hair."