Zendaya’s jewellery was the “star of the show” for her Academy Awards outfit.

The 24-year-old actress walked the red carpet in Los Angeles on Sunday (25.04.21) and a bold yellow custom Valentino gown, teamed with matching platforms from Jimmy Choo and a natural make-up look, but the focus was on her statement diamond necklace.

According to her stylist, Law Roach, the ‘Greatest Showman’ star was the first to debut a necklace from Bulgari’s upcoming high jewellery collection Magnifica – which will be released later this summer – with the piece featuring two diamond collars and a removable centre brooch and tassel, complete with a six-carat cushion-cut yellow diamond. She also accessorised with yellow diamond teardrop earrings, a yellow diamond ring and another ring with an emerald-cut stone, with the jewellery worth in total around $6 million.

Law told Harper’s Bazaar: "The inspiration was all about this jewellery.

“We have a beautiful gown, but in the fitting, we had a whole gamut of these incredible, incredible pieces from Bulgari, and the jewellery just literally became the star of the show.”

Zendaya loved getting to choose her accessories.

Law added: "When it was time to just try jewellery on, there was a piece that Zendaya was absolutely in love with, that we had saw at a little preview. We went to the store about a week ago, and so we saw it, and she said, 'Oh my God, this is incredible. This could be the one.’

"One of the cool things about Bulgari is that the jewellery always has a little secret.

"Things can be taken off and things can be added, and I think we just started playing, and then we just created this really magnificent jewellery story with a few of the pieces. It's all about layering and piecing together all the jewellery in a way where it just feels really seamless and organic."

The stylist thinks he and Zendaya work well together because they know they can “trust” one another.

He said: "It's such a collaborative process, but I always get what I want in the end.

"The stylist knows best! But no, I think Zendaya and I, our relationship is just filled with so much trust. It depends on how much or how little she inserts it in each situation. I like to joke and think that I'm the boss, but she's really the boss.

“She trusts me to bring her the things that I think are the best and that really suits her and really speaks to who she is as this fashion phenom."