Zendaya wore her own clothes for 'Malcolm & Marie' filming because they were working in secret during the pandemic.

The 24-year-old star has opened up on shooting the upcoming Netflix movie, which is set to be released next month and sees her alongside John David Washington as a filmmaker and his girlfriend in a two-person film set in just one location.

Appearing on Pharrell Williams' 'OTHERtone' podcast, she said: "We made a bubble. We all quarantined and stayed in this very small area in the middle of nowhere.

"We shot in this house… we weren’t allowed to leave or go anywhere... I’m doing my own hair and makeup in the bathroom and brought a lot of my clothes to help with set [decoration]."

Zendaya worked on the movie with 'Euphoria' creator Sam Levinson - who wrote and directed the new movie - and a lot of the crew from the HBO series came on board to help out.

She told Elle magazine: "We got this idea that we could do a movie in quarantine safely with a very small number of people.

“We used some crew members from Euphoria who obviously didn’t have a job because filming had stopped."

Zendaya embrace the unique working environment, and compared the filming to a stage show as she pointed to the freedom to "workshop" the script while they were having to quarantine together.

She explained: "I was fascinated with this idea of shooting a film with just two characters. It was like a play.

"It was challenging for all of us, because it was shot in just one space.

"Being quarantined together was great in some ways, because it allowed us to workshop and really dig into the material while we were there.”