Review of Simple Things Single by Zero 7

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6. Zero 7 Simple Things (Album - Ultimate Dilemma)
Thereve been all the expected comparisons with Air which cant be a bad thing. But, Zero 7 deserve to be labelled as more than just a sub genre of some other outfit.

Simple Things takes the art of chill out electronica (if thats what we can call it) to another level altogether. This collection of songs is bubbling over with heartfelt emotion. This is an album youll still be enjoying in ten or twenty years time. Its none of your two dimensional, throwaway pap.

Zero 7 have created an organic collage of computer generated sounds and true instrumentation. They cleverly add intermittent classical, folk and jazz riffs, blending them harmoniously with man-made noises. From the afro chants and glockenspiel of Likufanele (a track which calls to mind the power behind legendary tracks such as The New Rotary Connections I Am The Blackgold of The Sun) to the Bob James style keyboards of Simple Things this is heart wrenching stuff.

Simple Things also benefits from an astute selection of vocalists; Mozez whose deep velvet tones contribute to the symphonic splendour of This World and I Have Seen; Sophie Barker who delicately enhances In The Waiting line, and Destiny/Distractions collaborator Sia Furler, with vocals so sumptuously gorgeous theyre almost edible.

This album is a must for anyone and every one. It is, after all, the simple things that mean the most. .