Review of You're My Flame Single by Zero 7

Zero 7
You're My Flame
Single Review

Zero 7 You're My Flame Single

Zero 7 are back with a new album 'The Garden' and release 'You're My Flame' featuring Sia. Sia has always worked well with Zero 7. Her unique voice is perfect for there positive sounding music. This single is quirky number with a sort of swing feel. Sia talks in spoken word kind of way that I've never heard before and sings in the chorus. There's lots of different layers and nice use of synths to make it a bit chunky. It's has a real positive, fun vibe and takes you on a flower powered journey. For me this was different to other Zero 7 tracks that I've heard before. It still works and has that deep atmosphere that they always create. It's just a bit sweeter and light hearted.

Tareck Ghoneim

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