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Zero 7

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Zero 7 - Home - Single Review

Zero 7


‘Home’ is the first single to be released from the eagerly awaited new album from Zero 7 ‘When It Falls’ which will be available in March. Their first album ‘Simple Things’ was truly wonderful and if you were a fan of it you’ll be happy with ‘Home.’ They managed to capture the same spiritual essence and have kept the same trademark instruments featured in ‘Simple Things’ like Fender Rhodes, light drum sounds and soft melodic guitar. The track starts softly that creates a wonderful light lounge ambience and the beautiful vocals of Tina Dico add a mesmerising soulful effect to the track. The lyrics are really honest and anyone could relate to them. The track continues to build adding more instruments to the mix such as horns, and leaves you feeling refreshed, uplifted and happy. A lovely track.

Tareck Ghoneim

Music - Zero 7 - Home - Single Review