Zero 7

Zero 7 - Live at Leeds Uni - Thursday 18th November 2004

Zero 7, namely Sam Hardaker and Henry Binns, make music that is relaxing; it takes you away to a calmer place. The songs wash over you like waves lapping at your feet and all four of the bands vocalists have distinctive, warm and charming voices that are full of heart and soul. Since the release of their debut album, Simple Things, about three years ago, this record has become the seminal chill out album and therefore has become one of the worlds number one soundtracks to lazy post party Sundays and sunny holidays. This year has seen the release of their second and even better album, When It Falls, on which the band introduce yet another beautiful female voice in the shape of Danish songbird Tina Dico.

The concert in Leeds has been a long time coming; after a couple of cancellations and re-bookings, then more cancellations, the audience have patiently waited for over twelve months for the band to actually land in Leeds . Anyway, the waiting is over. Due to afore mentioned booking problems the University hall is packed to the rafters and a buzz of exited anticipation circulates.

Zero 7 take to the stage and the place erupts. The band are slick and effortlessly produce a live sound as good as, if not better than, their known recordings. Male vocalist Mozez takes the lead with his Otis Reading style smooth soul sound that contains hints of classic Reggae crooners Dennis Brown and

Zero 7 - Live at Leeds Uni - Thursday 18th November 2004

Zero 7 - Live at Leeds Uni - Thursday 18th November 2004

Gregory Isaacs. As the night unfolds and tracks from both albums receive the incredible live treatment the vocalists are introduced one by one Sia Furler delivers a powerful version of Somersault complete with line dancing, the delectable Sophie Barker breathes life into in Time & Passing By and Tina solidifies the musical picture of Home & The Space Between all singers take their respective songs and enchant the audience with their voices. The two guys on Keyboards at the back definitely deserve a mention; I know one of them was jazz aficionado Jim Mullen adding the discordantly sweet electric piano licks and filmic strings.

I caught Zero 7 at the Glastonbury Festival when they headlined the dance tent a few years ago. I remember the performance was jam packed and for the audience this was most people's first opportunity to see what Zero 7 are all about live the crowd's reaction was incredible. A few years, a lot of touring and one hell of an album later I get another chance to see Zero 7 live, in my home town, because of my first date with this band my expectations were high on the night, each person in the band satisfied my expectations and more. Showing what Zero 7 have accomplished with their live show and how a tranquil record can be transformed into an intense and mesmerizing live experience.