Review of Where would you rather be? Single by Zico Chain

Zico Chain
Where would you rather be?
Single Review

Zico Chain Where would you rather be? Single

Judging a band from a single track is always a difficult thing. How do you know you're not listening to the ambient house remix of a band whose day time pleasures are those of Death Metal, or even stranger, vice versa?

On the basis of this single track, Zico Chain seem to inhabit a netherworld between grunge and metal. It's all clipped riffs and rough-throated vocals. It actually sounds a little like the various ventures that a number of traditional metal bands went on when grunge threatened (and ultimately succeeded) to destroy their genre. The rock bands simply cut down on the poodle hair, wore plaid shirts and tried to ape to grunge sound. To be honest they all failed.

Zico Chain deserve to be judged on more than this track. Their debut album demonstrates a significant hope for British rock in the future. Sadly, 'Where would you rather be?' as a single tends to prompt the response - 'Somwhere else'

Richard Edge

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