Zoe Kravitz felt ''silly'' auditioning alongside Robert Pattinson in her Catwoman costume.

The pair will star in 'The Batman' - which features Pattinson as DC Comics hero The Caped Crusader and Zoe Selina Kyle and her thief alter ego - but admits she felt ridiculous when the pair were dressed up in their superhero costumes.

Speaking on the 'Happy Sad Confused' podcast, Zoe said: ''Sometimes I have moments, especially like when I auditioned, I remember just feeling silly.

''He was only in half the suit because it was just a camera test, and just thinking like, 'We're adults and we're dressed up like Batman', and we're doing a really dramatic scene.

''Sometimes it's like, 'Oh my god, this is happening' and sometimes it's like 'This is funny.'''

Pattinson has taken over from Ben Affleck in the role of Batman for this movie and Zoe believes that 'The Lighthouse' star is ideal for the role of the Gotham City saviour.

The 31-year-old actress explained: ''When he's wearing that costume he's Batman.

''It's interesting. You don't really get used to seeing Batman walk past you because we've all grown up with this character. It's like a pinch me moment all the time, and he's wonderful, he's really wonderful.

''It's great and he is absolutely the man for the job.''

The 'Mad Max: Fury Road' star also hinted that she would be wearing an ''amazing'' costume in Matt Reeves' movie, which has suspended production due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Zoe said: ''I think if this hadn't happened, I think it would've come out by now.

''I love it ... The tone of this film very much feels like it's own thing.

''I didn't really think about how difficult it is to think about how difficult it is to make something as simple as a Catsuit original but it's like, 'How do you reinvent the jean jacket?' ... But Jacqueline Durran, our costume designer, is amazing.''