Zoe Kravitz wants to star in a female driven comedy.

The 26-year-old actress is known for her dramatic roles but wants to show something a bit lighter and thinks women have a particularly unique sense of humour that sets them apart from men.

She said: ''I really want to do a comedy. I feel like 'Bridesmaids' has opened it up for women in comedy and people are really hungry for that. I know I am.

''Women are a different kind of funny to men. Even in life, when I'm just with my girlfriends, we say and do the funniest s**t that men have no idea about.''

The 'Divergent'' star also thinks women need to start doing more behind the scenes as it is a ''great time'' for females in Hollywood.

She told Elle magazine: ''It's a great time because people are finally talking about our opportunities and roles.

''This is an industry that has been run by men for so long and we can't expect them to speak for us, because they really don't know.

''It's time for women to start writing our own s**t, directing our own s**t, producing our own s**t. We have to start doing it.''