The NCIS: New Orleans star has dreamed up certain instances in her life which ended up coming to fruition - including booking a role on the crime procedural show.

She tells late night host James Corden, "I don't necessarily call myself a psychic, but since I was a little girl I would dream about things and then I would tell my dad and it would happen the next day.

She adds, "I'll share this story, this is kind of fun. I emailed my agent one morning... and I said, 'We're going to get really good news, something huge (is going to happen), my life is going to change, I feel it today...' and then maybe, like, 45 minutes later my agent calls me and she says, 'OK, NCIS: New Orleans wants to read you (sic) to be their new female lead and they want to see you today,' and my gut just knew. I just felt really good about it, it felt so right and my life changed that day and I kind of knew."